They were two sisters, Isabella Tirelli. With the same name. What was different were their birthdates: the second one, the artist, was born in the same place, only ten years later. The first one, the architect, clever and punctual, had always found money to live, but the second one had not.

The artist exhibited abroad... and the first sister was paying.

The artist was setting up a multimedia show... and the first sister was paying.

The artist took some time away, meditating... the first one sayed at her town, working hard, working for two.

The architect was really fed up. So he tried to hide, pretending he wasn’t there... but in vain.

The turning point is in 1992: the architect surprisingly finds out that the second sister was starting to earn money too. The artist thus started fo fade away, leaving behind   only a couple of photoes and some rare books.

The artist brightened up more and more, eventually becoming the only one visibile.

Last time they’ve seen them together was in Bilbao. In 1998.

The wicked artist says she doesn’t miss her at all.

Is it true?